Our dedication to an environmentally sustainable operation goes beyond our corporate offices. We look for every opportunity to develop cleaner manufacturing processes that help us create not only great products, but also a better environment. We may not own our suppliers’ facilities, but we do own their carbon footprint. And we’d like to see the same progress in our suppliers’ use of clean energy that we’ve seen in our own.
We understand that making as many products as we do has a significant impact on the environment. Our carbon footprint is something we’re always aware of, and it’s something we’re always working to address. We’ve found ways to use energy and materials more efficiently in our facilities, to get energy from cleaner sources, and to design energy‑efficient machines.



• Jewellery Manufacturing
• Diamond Cutting & Polishing
• Wood Cutting (Like Saw Mills)
• Chemical Manufacturing
• Mining
• Electrical & Electronic Industries
• Dental Laboratories
• Environment Industry
• Cement Industry
• Pharma Industry for Tablet Press Machine
• Tobacco Industry
• Textile Industry
• Sugar Industry
• Steel Plait Industry
• Agriculture Industry


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Our company makes every effort to achieve excellent and consistent product quality at fair prices, and at the right time to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal, our company continuously improves productivity by controlling the variation in various processes in a stable way. Continuous improvement is implemented by a closed loop methodology consisting of a selection of critical parameters, evaluation of the measurement system, monitoring of critical parameters, process capability improvement, and reaction plan. The main purpose of the Continuous Improvement Program activities is minimizing the variation around the target. The processes also entail a Quality Audit under ISO 9001:2008 with personalized and customized products.