Professional Engineering group is managed by qualified engineers who have a long standing experience in Jewellery industry, particularly dust collection systems.

We have the concerns of Jewellery manufactures at our heart vis-à-vis recovery of dust that arises at various stages of production.

More effective the dust collectors better will be the recovery of gold lost during the manufacture process of jewellery, thereby increasing the profitability.

Our entire working is backed by constant R&D which is an integral part of our work culture.

By adopting and using Professional's Dust collecting machines about 80% of war is won against profitable gold loss.

We never tell you to judge us on our winners; judge us on our losers because we have a very few.

With a high upward potential and very low downside risk, Professional's dust collectors are the best you can ever have.


Our machines help you collect dust so efficiently that you can go within and have minimal gold loss at the end of your work. This helps you reflect so you can enjoy by saving.
See the work we do around the world and be inspired to join us on our mission to polish gold and collect dust in a state of the art way.
Contact us to see what we can do for you. We can help you by giving you advice or you can enquire about a new machine.




Always at your service, anytime anywhere. From the first time use of our products to any problem you may face in the midst– we are always there for you. Punctuality and on time delivery is our commitment to our consumers. We are happy to help.



No refurbished products–No rusted metal. All we offer in our products is all new materials. Service at your beck & call is what we believe in. Any difficulty, ring us and we will be there to answer you. Tools, equipments, machines and customized machines–we have it all for you.

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